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This website reopened Nov. 2006 for HD video gallery. v is for VIDEO this time. It is just for fun of one of my after-retirement hobbies. Please enjoy a stabilized HD and Stereoscopic video clips. The contents are generally heavy (hundreds of MB and max. 5 Mbps) and require broad band connection and relatively high performance PC's to appreciate them via smooth streaming.

Recently I am using Youtube and VIMEO HD video service and Flickr for anaglyphs etc. Please Check them for the latest enties.
YouTubehttp://www.youtube.com/inouek3D (3D Video)
vimeohttp://www.vimeo.com/user926085 (2D Video)
Flickrhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/31325362@N06/sets/ (3D Photo-Anaglyph)
http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000074242945 (Social Networking)
http://www.3dvisionlive.com/category/director/inouek3d (Active Shutter type 3D Video)

http://www.3df33d.tv/node/617 (HTML5/WebGL9 3D video site)

The original site opened in Oct. 1995 to exhibits art works (ceramics, etching prints, computer graphics...) of Japanese artists, including me by using a variety of web multimedia technologies such as VRML(Interactive 3D CG for Web), Chromeffects, Shockwave, Flash, RealMedia, QuicktimeVR and dynamic HTML. That was a small trial project of "Private Digital Archive". It has not been updated since Jan. 1999 as my job was getting busy. v was for VIRTUAL originally.

Don't forget to roll your mouse over the Underglaze Blue Dish (Left top, anaglyphic stereogram) before entering the galleries to see what happens.

2D HD Video 3D Stabilized Google Earth Macro Hyper 3D

HD Video

3D Video
Stabilized Google Earth
Macro video

Tilt-Shift Timelapse


3D Kobe Luminarie 2009 3D Hyper 3D
(2010/1/13 added)

Direct link to full HD version;
(Original file is 1440anamorphic x1080 Over/Under HDV format ) Luminarie have been held every December as a requiem event for the 1995 earthquake disaster victims. 2009 Luminarie was the 15th anniversary event. I wish all of the 6434 disaster victims may rest in peace here in beautifully illuminated Kobe. Appropriate glasses required to view this video in 3D.

3D Wide Test Video of Twin GoPro HD with Stabilizer (No.3) 3D Hyper 3D
(2010/1/17 added)

Direct link to YouTube 3D HD video;
Test of stereoscopic wide angle HD video with twin GoPro HD video camera. Angle of View is 170 deg. for the 720P-60fps mode used for this particular video. Stereo base was about 60-150mm. No lens distortion correction. Home-made stabilizer was used for stabilization of walk through video.

3D Wide Test Video of Twin GoPro HD (No.2) 3D Hyper 3D
(2009/12/13 added)

Direct link to HD YouTube
Test of stereoscopic wide angle HD video with twin GoPro HD video camera. Angle of View is 170 deg. for the 720P-60fps mode used for this p... Direct link to HD YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDBJS7... Test of stereoscopic wide angle HD video with twin GoPro HD video camera. Angle of View is 170 deg. for the 720P-60fps mode used for this particular video. Stereo base was about 150mm. No lens distortion correction. The video quality of this outdoor sport camera is not best at all, but useful for ultra wide angle HD video which is untrodden area in stereoscopy so far. Photos of twin Gopro 3D rigs are shown at;

3D Wide Test Video of Twin GoPro HD (No.1) 3D Macro
(2009/12/13 added)

Direct link to HD Video
Test of stereoscopic wide angle HD video with twin GoPro HD video camera. Angle of View is 170 deg. for the 720P-60fps mode used for this particular video. Stereo base was about 30mm. No lens distortion correction. Reduction of stereo base for closed-up stereoscopic shot in half mirror type beam splitter type equipment is very difficult task because huge mirror is required for wide angle lenses. With flipping configuration of twin GoPro HD camera stereo base of 30 mm can be realized. This is a preliminary close-up video using 30 mm stereobase twin GoPro HD video camera for my dear Persian cat, Alice. Photos of twin Gopro 3D rigs are shown at; http://v-galleries.com/images/Twin_GoPro_Rig/index.htm

Single Cam Stereoscopy Test ( Comparison between Pulfrich Effect and Time-Difference ) 3D Hyper 3D
(2009/11/26 added)

Direct link to HD Video
Just a test video for the comparison of two single cam stereoscopic methods, Pulfrich and Time-Difference methods.

3D waltz of the Flowers 3D Macro
(2009/7/25 added)

For YouTube3D playback with various 3D viewing methods, please use direct link to YouTube 3D HD (720P):
Direct link to YouTube 3D higher resolution 1080P Full HD :

Uploaded file : 1280x960 Over/Under 10Mbps wmv (downsized version of original HDV(1440x1080) right/left files)
Test using 3d video in Over/Under format with yt3d:left/right tags.
To view this video in 3D, select viewing style first from 12 option of drop down list box named "3D View Style", Red/cyan, amber/blue etc. requires 3D glasses. Some other options, parallel and cross etc. doesn't require any glasses. No viewing style with polarization type glasses like Real D is supported by YouTube 3D so far. 3D view style drop down menu may not appear unless using latest browser and player plug in.
Music is licensed through Music Loops.

Fireflies at Sumiyoshi River, Kobe

(2009/6/17 added)

Fireflies that came back to Kobe, 1.5 million population city were shot on GH1 + FD50mm/F1.4 and edited for multiple exposure video. Afterimage effect was also applied to visualize the locus of flight in the postprocessing (latter part). A variety of interesting flight movements can be seen. Noiseless black may be one of the advantages of gh1 against camcorders.

Akashi Strait Bridge (Lumix GH1 Timelapse Night Shot Test)

(2009/6/9 added)

Timelapse night shot of Akashi Strait Bridge, longest suspention bridge in the world is tested on GH1 with Canon FD lens 50mm/F1.4, 28mm/F2.8 and kit lens at 28mm/F4.7 at video mode and interval still photo mode, respectively. I found FD50mm/F1.4 can be used even at video mode on GH1 under the circumstance although some astigmatism occured. Kit lens can only be used at its continuous shutter mode L (2 shots/sec) to get adequate exposure. Video with FD28mm/F2.8 is apparently under exposure at the slowest shatter speed of 1/30 sec. Brightness of FD50mm/F1.4 is more than expected and more than calculated based on the shooting condition with kit lens at interval mode. I don't know why.

Kobe Forest Park (Lumix GH1+FD Lens focus Shift Test)

(2009/6/1 added)

It was a fine day today in Kobe. We had a walk in Kobe Forest Park. It was just between flower season of rhodedendron and hydrangea. This is one of series of testing GH1 video capability. Follow focus and aperture was tested with Canon FD 50mm/F1.4 old lens with ND filters (No.4-12) to adjust EV for full open aperture and adequate shutter speed. Too much focus shift? That's true because this is just a follow focus etude with heavy video tripod in order to stabilize the focus shift operation. I found difficult to focus which part of the subjects because of the shallow DOF.

Kobe Harbor Land (DMC-GH1+Canon FD Lenses Test at Night)

(2009/5/15 added)

DMC-GH1 was tested under low light condition with Canon FD Lenses attached using Raquel adapter. -FD 28mm/F2.8, 50mm/F1.4 and 135mm/F2.5 were used at full open aperture. -GH1 at creative video mode (Program AE mode) -ISO fixed at 800 -1920x1080 AVCHD, 60i/24fps mode -Transcoded to HDV (TMPGEnc) to edit and exported as mp4(1280x720) and m2t (1440 anamorphic x1080) on Premiere As compared experimentally with my old HDV comcorder Sony HC3 (11 lx at 1/60 sec shutter speed), I estimated that GH1+ FD F1.4 lens corresponds 1.4 lx at ISO 800, which is much better than the newest and brightest Sony handycam model, HDR-X520V whose brightness specification is 3 lx at 1/30 sec. I appreciate those old canon MF SRL lenses for shooting bright video with Panasonic GH1 body very much.

Tilt-Shift Kobe City (DMC-GH1)

(2009/5/14 added)

Lumix DMC-GH1 with kit lens was used to shoot Kobe City from the 24F of the City Hall Building, not high enough for ideal miniaturization. Tilt-Shift effect (miniature effect ) was faked using soft... Lumix DMC-GH1 with kit lens was used to shoot Kobe City from the 24F of the City Hall Building, not high enough for ideal miniaturization. Tilt-Shift effect (miniature effect ) was faked using software blur and timelapse editing. Enjoy miniature Kobe City !

Panasonic DMC-GH1 Stabilizer Test 2

(2009/5/10 added)

The video mode of Panasonic DMC-GH1 micro four thirds digital camera were tested with the kit lens (14-140mm/F4-5.8) using homemade stabilizer and partly software stabilization for steady motion. Two times slow motion keeping 30P was also tested by taking 720/60P advantage.

Panasonic DMC-GH1 Stabilizer Test

(2009/5/6 added)

Panasonic DMC-GH1 was tested with homemade stabilizer of ball-joint gimbal type that costs about $10. I found 720P(60P) works much better than 1080i(24P) for this type of video and also smooth 2X slow motion at 30fps can be editable by using this format .
I recognize some improvement of the alignment of stabilizer balance and the operating skill must be necessary

Photo of camera stabilizer with ball joint type gimbal

Nishinomiya Yacht Harbor (Panasonic DMC-GH1 Test)

(2009/5/2 added)

The video creative mode of Panasonic DMC-GH1 micro four thirds digital camera I got yesterday were tested with the kit lens (14-140mm/F4-5.8) and Canon FD lens (50mm/F1.4, manual focus) with Raycual adapter.

03D Cherry Blossom

(2009/4/29 added)

Cherry blossom at Shukugawa River Park in Nishinomiya was shot with two of special stereoscopic HD video rigs,

1)2 Axis DOF (Degree of Freedom) Marco Rig photo: v-galleries.com/index.html#stereoscopic_2_axis_macro_rig

2)Stereoscopic Video rig with DOF (Depth of Focus) adapters. Photo: v-galleries.com/index.html#Stereoscopic_DOF_HD_Video_Rig

Enjoy cherry blossom in 3D with two DOF's !!

Stereoscopic HD Video Rig for 2 Axis Macroscopy

(2009/4/29 added)

Photograph of 2 Axis DOF (Degree of Freedom) Marco Rig developed recently for stereoscopic HD video is shown above. The rig can be rotate along X and Z axes around a certain point of the subject. 6 Dioptsr close-up lenses are used in this rig to have the working distance of 150mm. Half mirror image splitter was used to have stereobase of 10-20mm.
This is an extended model of the 1-axis rotatable (aroud Z-axis) Macro Rig used to shoot "Waltz of Flowers. Flowers can dance not only on the floor, but also off the floor!

3D Kyoto Higashiyama Flower Lantern Road Festival

(2009/4/23 added)

Stereoscopic HD video of parallel side by side format on The Flower lantern Road Festival held every March in Kyoto Higashiyama District. 2,400 Lanterns of both traditional and modern are arranged along with the streets 4.8 km long. Laser and LED lights are also used to illuminate the gardens and buildings of historic temples. Shot with homemade stereoscopic video rig attatched with DOF adapters consisting of 50mm/F1.4 DLR Lenses and Ee-A focusing screen in front of HC3 HDV cameras.

Rig photos:

Visit HD Vimeo site as well.

Kyoto Flower lantern Road Festival website:

3D Magical Starlight Parade at USJ

(2009/4/19 added)

Brand new attraction at Universal Studio Japan, Osaka is digested in 3D anaglyph. Shot by using home made stereoscopic rig with DOF adapter in front of HC3 HDV video cameras. Canon FD SLR lenses (50mm/F1.4), and Canon Ee-A focusing screen were used. Moving floats was the difficult subjects for manually focus DOF video and and causes Severe abbration (astigmatismic ?) might be caused by full aperture for high contrast of LED illumination. Enjoy the newest fantagy night parade in 3D!
Anaglyphic glasses (Red/Left, Cyan/Right) required to see this video in 3D.

Visit HD Vimeo site as well.

USJ website:

Stereoscopic DOF HD Video Rig

(2009/4/19 added)

DOF adapter is one of the ways to add shallow DOF
to video, which is generally of panfocus because of its small sensor size and small apaperture lens. DOF adapter uses SLR lens that focus the image on some translucent screen ( at the position of film of SLR) and ordinary video camera recording the image on the screen. In my system Canon FD lens of 50mm/F1.4, 28mm/F2.8 and 135mm/F2.5 and Canon Ee-A focusing screen for EOS 5D DSLR.

My intension to develop this stereoscopic DOF rig is to give shallow depth of focus even to stereoscopic photo and video which must help to focus the viewer's attention to the intensionally focused subjects and minimize the adverse effects of background with too much deviation by blurring. I am trying to confirm the usefullness by some projects.

Anaglyph images (red/left, cyan/right)

Kobe Port Sailboat Festa 2007 Remake (Short version, fine tuned)

(2009/3/15 added)

2007/11/23 Two sailboats, Nippon-maru (2,278 ton) & Kaiwo-maru called at Kobe Port celebrating her 140th anniversaries. They showed "Sail Drill," expanding all of the sails.
When departing、All of trainees showed “Man the yards”, the highest salute of the sailboat.

Kobe Prot 140th anniversaries official site

Plum Blossom at Okamoto Park, Kobe 
(2008/2/23 added)

Here is my second test video made with my DIY DOF adapter with manual focus Canon wide aperture FD lenses for HC3 HDV. Static focusing screen Canon Ee-A and dual Kenko No.5 AC close up lenses used for the latest version. Battery operating 7" monitor is made DIY as well for focusing and image flipping. The last problem remained is dust on the focusing screen. Maintaining dust free is hopelessly tough task! Enjoy early spring plum blossom in Japan!

Anaglyph photo of HC3 HDV with DIY DOF Adapte r

Crac Des Chevaliers 
(2008/2/1 added)

We made trip to middle East this January to visit various world heritage sites in Jordan and Syria. Crac des Chevaliers is the ruin of fortress of Crusader knights built in 11th century at west par... We made trip to middle East this January to visit various world heritage sites in Jordan and Syria. Crac des Chevaliers is the ruin of fortress of Crusader knights built in 11th century at west part of Syria. Sorry for Japanese narration.


New Stereoscopic HD Video Rig 
(2008/12/31 added)

Here is a test video of my brand new homemade stereo video rig. The stereobase is adjustable from 0 to 200 mm. Half mirror from stereoscopic mirrors.com was used as an image splitter. Due to the non optical quality of substrate glass, color correction is needed to adjust tone of the R/L video clip. The cost of material was only several tens of dollars. I think it works very well so far.

Anaglyph photo of stereo video rig at 65 mm stereobase

DIY DOF Adapter Test 
(2008/12/23 added)

Here is test video with my home made DOF adapter HD video camera. DOF (Depth Of Focus) adapter has a SLR lens in front of camcorder to give nice Bokeh (Shallow DOF) to the video. Old Canon FD lenses (manual aperture conyrollable) of 50mm/F1.4 and 135mm/F2.5 and Canon Focusing screen Ee-A at the frange back position were used. Many improvement will be neccesary including more precision manual focusing
and vibration of focusing screen etc. I plan to make twin of DOF adapter to realize stereoscopic DOF video system in the future.

Wiggle of Anaglyphs 
(2008/12/15 added)

Here is a wiggle version of anaglyphic macro hydrangea. Wiggle is a technique giving viewer a good feel for the 3D of a scene.

Here is 24 bit color full HD (1920x1080) Flash version (

Remake of Waltz of Flowers 
(2008/12/15 added)

Here is remake short version of "Waltz of Flowers"

My First DIY DOF Adapter HD Videos 
(2008/12/15 added)

This is just an experiment while waiting parts of DIY DOF adapter.
Camera:Canon FTb film SLR (50mm F/1.4) and Sony HC3 HDV
Focusing Screen:White film of plastic bag at film position of SLR.
Stereoscopic DOF adapter video will be uploaded near future.

Photo of prototype DOF adapter rig (Anaglyphic format = R/Cyan, L/Red glasses required)

DOF Controlled Stereoscopic HD Videos 
(2008/12/7 added)

DOF control may be used to optimize the dynamic depth range if stereoscopic images of exccess stereobase and also to attract the viewer to the objects of producer's intension. Here is a test video clip of DOF controlled focus shift. A still stereo pair is used. Depth maps of 5 flat levels was made manually and used as moving blur mask for DOF control in postproduction.

One of the problems of binocular stereoscopy is lack of the coincidence of eye focus position ( at screen, display, nega or print ) and the position of pop-up ( or sink down) objects, which may cause viewer's eye fatigue. In the latter part of this video the disparity is kept zero at the focused zone within DOF. It is not zooming but closing up with constant focal length. How do you feel of this approach? I look forward to your comments.

DOF controlled Anaglyph by depth map blur. (Modified depth map made with Stereo Tracer 3.5)

Here is my 2nd attempt of DOF related HD Video which fakes focus shift with virtual narrow-DOF video camera.

Tilt-Shift (Fake) Flight over Miniature San Francisco 
(2008/11/23 added)

Here is another tilt/shift HD video of San Francisco, both of which are not real but a fake tilt/shift with Premiere post processing and Google Earth CG. Enjoy a Gulliver's stereoscopic view of Lilliputians San Francisco.

Compare VIMEO, YouTube and eyeVio for HD video quality (Same upload file)!!

VIMEO Version

Flight over Miniature San Francisco (Tilt-Shift) from Inoue_k3D on Vimeo.


Tilt-Shift(Fake) Phantogram of San Francisco 
(2008/11/20 added)

Here are my first trial of stereoscopic tilt/shift HD video of San Francisco down town, both of which are not real but a fake tilt/shift with Premiere post processing and Google Earth CG. Enjoy a Gulliver's stereoscopic view of Lilliputians San Francisco.

3D Sparkling Fireworks 
(2008/10/19 added)

This stereoscopic HD video was shot to check the R/L sync with LANC Shepherd. The maker of the toy fireworks is Sanshu Kako. The object-camera length/camera separation was about 10. Approximately 5 degree toe-in was applied to emphasize the depth. The sync have been kept within 0.2 mS. 240fps shooting was not carried out as the fireworks run out. Maybe next summer.

Hyper New York 
(2008/9/21 added)

Hyper HD video and photo movie shot from "Top of the Rocks" of the Rockfeller Building. The stereobase was about 15 m without any tripod as prohibited. Enjoy day and night 3D views of Manhattan skyscrapers.

3D Street Dance at 5th Av., NY 
(2008/9/13 added)

Here is a 3D clip shot during our stay in New York last August. I was impressed wirh the high level of street dance at thhe %th avenue

Anaglyph Photosynth 
(2008/8/24 added)

Here is my first attempt for 3D synthesis of anaglyph photos by using Microsoft Photosynth service, started since 8/20. It is free with 20GB disk space.

More realistic walkthrough, panorama, and object observation is expected by using anaglyph instead of 2D photos.
2D version (synth % is 89%) shown at

For the anaglyph version, shown above, the synth % is 77%, slightly smaller due to the reduced accuracy in extracting the characteristic points in anaglyph. However, anaglyphs ia proven to be synthed successfully anyway.

Enjoy stereoscopic walkthrough to the Yuzuruha Shrine just like QTVR panorama and object style.
Thank you, Microsoft for the great service.


2008 Ashiya Beach Fireworks 
(2008/7/20 added)

Here is stereoscopic fireworks 2008 video. Three weeks earlier than last year with more, 5000 launch. Close up was planned theme, however it was difficult without any monitor and wireless control of the twin cameras 20 m apart.

Youtube HD Test

Waltz of the Flowers 
(2008/7/10 added)

I made various flowers dancing waltz like in the "Nutcracker" by Tchaikovsky, by mean of a
macro rig with half mirror type image splitter and close-up lenses of 6 diopter. Making of this video is briefly introduced by still stereoscopic photoes at the end of the video.
The below is anaglyphic GIF animation of objecting 3D macro rig in operation.

Enjoy 3D dancing various flowers and bugs in format of a quarter pixel wmv (1920x540) and smaller format(960x270) for slower PCs. Full HD R/L separate files (1920x1080x2, 2.6GB) are also available upon request.

Objecting and zooming of Rose with new HDV macro rig 
(2008/6/21 added, 6/22 Rig video added)

Shooting of flowers in 3D is one of my my favorite things
. Using macro rig with half mirror type image splitter and close-up lenses of 6 diopter, I have shot hydrangea, Roses, Rhodedendron and Iris since last summer.

Very recently I developed new home made rig that make me be able to shoot flowers ( natrurally fixed with ground) like QTVR or Bullet shot in Matrix Movies ( Pseudo time slice) in HD stereoscopic format in adition to the synchlonized zooming into the center of the flowers. Could you guess what kind of 3D HD video rig is used to shoot this small video clip?

Please enjoy a small clip of "last rose of spring" made with my latest toy rig.

  • 3.2Mbps, 41MB, 1920x 540, 1:51, parallel side-by side, wm9 wmv file ( a quarter pixel version of original dual m2t files. Stereoscopic photoes showing the operation of the rig is included.)

    25Mbps, 78MB, 1440x 1080, 0:33, m2t files ( R and L separeted files for dowload, You will be required powerful PC to play back dual m2t streams with Stereoscopic Player)

Kobe Port Sailboat Festa 2007  
(2008/6/1 added)

2007/11/23 Two sailboats, Nippon-maru (2,278 ton) & Kaiwo-maru called at Kobe Port celebrating her 140th anniversaries. They showed "Sail Drill," expanding all of the sails.
When departing、All of trainees showed “Man the yards”, the highest salute of the sailboat.

Kobe Prot 140th anniversaries official site

Spring Festival of Yuzuriha Shrine, Mikage Kobe 
(3D version : 2008/5/18 added)

On 3rd and 4th of May the spring festival of Yuzuriha Jinja, small shintoh shrine in Mikage, Kobe was held. "Danjiri"floats powered by local residents gathered from eight groups in this area to dedicate the spring festival. This shrine was told to be originated ca 200AD. Enjoy the stereovideogenic performance of spider's thread and paper blizzard by Yumiba Team Float.

Nice Catch 
(3D:2008/5/2 added)

I shot this HDV Video at a park in Perth, WA last January. Someone was feeding to sea gulls. The 60i HD 3D video are edited to 3 fps slow motion videos. Any completely synced still photo is somewhat freezed "another world", I think. However series of synced stills of even less resolution (1440 anamorphic x 1080) and less shutter speed ( video camera decides it in commodity HDV camera ) might add some additional dimension into 3D world. Could you find which sea gull got each of three? feeds in the second clip? We needs more time resolution anyway.

Runway 32L, Osaka International Airport 
(3D:2008/4/29 added)

Public can access to several tenth meter from the south end of West side runway. Airliners land 20 m high above the observers. With hyper 3D rig of 45 cm base was used to shoot landing and taking off airliner. 3D Google Earth video added also. This airport is used mainly as domestic flights since Kansai International Airport open. It was a windy day, you can see sliding landings. Adjustment of 3D alignment was required even frame to frame due to vibration of rig with wind. I hev experienced same situation when shooting from a driving car. I wonder why because the rigidity of my 3D rig may be rigid enough. ( 1.0" by 0.5" Aluminum extruded bar used )


3D Milk Crown Video 
(3D:2008/4/20 added)

Here is a preliminary 3D milk crown video made with a dual consumer HDV camera rig, not with high speed video cameras required generally. With macro rig by means of half mirror type beam splitter, stereobase was set to 20 mm. By using the smooth slow recording function of Sony HC3 video, Milk crown ( milk drops from 30 cm height into 1 mm deep pool of milk ) was shot at 240fps of SSR mode. The clip was edited to be stereoscopically aligned and time video stretched x5 times to get nominal 1200fps clip. The sync was controlled with a LANC Shepherd within 0.1 mS. The spacial and time resolution are not enough for this fast phenomena (10-20 mS) with these cheap commercial equipments, however the 3D crown can be recognized anyway in the video. Enjoy the instantaneous crown shape of milk in 3DTV.

2008 Cherry Blossom at Sukugawa (Nishinomiya City)
(3D:2008/4/5 added、2D:in edition)

Shukigawa River is in Nishinomiya City, residential district between Osaka and Kobe Cities. It is well known as a cherry blossom place in contrast with large green pine trees and their sprigs with cherry blossom spread down to the river surface from the banks. 3rd and 4th of April I shot them with dual HC3 HDV with hyper stereo rig (SB=18cm), homemade stabilizer rig (SB=11cm) and close-up b(+6 diopter) macro rig (SB=2cm). Sync was <0.1mS with LANC controller. Enjoy one of Japanese spring beauty in 3D !

Illuminated Kobe  
(2008/2/9 added)

Thirteen years have passed since the earthquake (7.2 on the Richter magnitude) disaster in 1995. The restoration newliness has gradually melted into the urban vista of Kobe City. In the holiday season its brilliancy get increased by the illumination with LED's of a variety of colors. Illumination at Akashi Strait Bridge, the longest suspension bridge in the world, Harbor Land, Meriken (American) Park, Old foreigner' Residential District and Luminarie, Requiem event for the earthquake victims at the Old Foriegn Settlement District is introduced by 2D and 3D HD video, . May all of the 6434 victims rest in peace here in buatifully illuminated Kobe.

Akashi Strait Bridge : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akashi-Kaikyo_Bridge
Kobe Luminarie : http://www.kobe-luminarie.jp/

Kobe Port Sailboat Festa 2007  
(2007/12/10 added)

2007/11/23 Two sailboats, Nippon-maru (2,278 ton) & Kaioh-maru called at Kobe Port celebrating her 140th anniversaries. They showed "Sail Drill," expanding all of the sails.
When departing、All of trainees showed “Man the yards”, the highest salute fo the sailboat.

Kobe Prot 140th anniversaries official site

i-sobot Video Phantogram 

Here is a phantogram video trial of Omnibot 17μ i-SOBOT ( Takara Tomy's humanoid type robot )
It works well with remote control mode, program mode, special action mode and voice control mode although it costs only about $200.
It's fun to program control. I may add various motion phantogram video in the future.

i-sobot website : http://www.isobotrobot.com/eng/index.html

3D Diving into Roses 

With my half mirror type macro stereo rig , 3D macroscopic video of roses was shot at Suma Pallace Park, Kobe City. Sync was kept within 1 mS by using LANC Shepherd. Maximun magnification is 6 mm/1080 pixel ( i.e video screen corresponds to 6mmx10mm ) )with +6 Diopter close up lens at x 10 zoom of HC3.

Enjoy 3D diving into center of roses. See the hydrangea version (Macro Test 5) as well.

3D Driving Hanshin Expressway, Osaka Japan 

Just a stereoscopic test HD video of night driving. Dual HC3 cameras rig of 17.5 mm SB was fixed on the dash board. Sync was kept within 0.1 mS by using LANC Shepherd. However in the editing, a lot of alignment adjustment (mainly Up/Down)of RL video was required for this vibrational shooting environment. Animated alignment function will be desired in the stereoscopic video editing software like SMM of Muttyan. I had to do them manually on 50% transparency R over L track sequence of Adobe Premiere.

Enjoy night drive in Osaka with a MSM Groria's BGM.

Stereoscopic Firework Fantasy 
(2007/9/1 added, 2007/10/20 remake replaced

Here is collage of my hyper stereoscopic video of fireworks with various kind of effects. No scene sound but Bach Brandenburg Concelt for BGM. Enjoy 2007 fireworks fantasy.

 26th Kobe Street Jazz Fastival 

26th Kobe Jazz Street Festival was held 5-7 Oct 2007 at Kitanozaka street and 11 halls near there in downtown Kove City.

Some example of guest players are
Yoshitaka Akimitsu
Eiji Kitamura
Eiji Hanaoka
and many others including from foreign countries.

One of my favorite musicians is Bria Sconberg from Canada, trampet & vocal.

Enjoy a 3D Jazz Street in Kobe !

Official site of Kobe Jazz Street Festival

Stereoscopic 3D Tour to Stanford University 
(2007/8/30 added)

Stanford University at Palo Alto is guided in stereoscopic HD video. On my way back to Japan from ISU Conference held at Boise, IDAHO, I dropped in Silicon Valley Area where I and my wife used to live 20 years ago. Vast campus, Spanish colonial style buildings, Art museums are guided in 3D !!

Narrated (in Japanese) and 2D version is available at the following URL,


Christchurch Botanic Garden 
(2007/8/30 added)

Christchurch is the Garden City, the most English city outside England. In the Hagley Park at the center of the city, there is Christchurch Botanic Garden in the center of Hagley Park. This HD video guides you to the famous Rose Garden of over 250 species, herbaceous border, dahlia border and begonia conservatory. Those video was shot in January of 2007, which was fifth time visit to the city. It was just I developed my homemade stabilizer for HC-3 video camera and used extensively.

Narration and caption in Japanese.

Tarui Hikiyamamatsuri (Tarui Kabuki Festival) 
(2007/8/30 added)

Tarui is a small town in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. It was a old town along Nakasendoh, a main travel route to Edo( Ancient Tokyo) from Kyoto. Kabuki performance acted by local young boys only have been served to the local shrine, Yaegaki Shrine for 650 years. It was originated to entertain an emperor temporarily visited the town. The kabuki are playing on three "Dashi", finely decorated moving stages around the streets of the town for three days in every May. Enjoy the traditional local festival.

Narration and caption in Japanese.

Ashiya Summer Festival Fireworks 

Here are second etude of hyper stereoscopic HD video of fireworks with Sony HC3 HDV cameras with dual tripod

Fireworks were 2 sec (about 700 m) distant, stereobase 30 steps (about 18m), nearer and shorter than the previous. There is no distractions in front of cameras because I shot from beach front(however sand does not allow accurate setting of tripods unfortunately) and this video is more closed-up consequently than the previous . Please enjoy Japanese fireworks.


Kobe Port 140th Anniversary Fireworks 

Here are some etude of hyper stereoscopic HD video by with Sony HC3 HDV cameras with dual tripod

Kobe City Port celebrates its 140th anniversary. On 4th August, 2007, Fireworks (6000 shots) was held from 19:30 to 20:30.
The camera point was at The Shiosai Park, in front of Meriken Park (below) . Port Tower (108 m tall) is in the center of video field.
Stereobase was about 25m while distance from the launching site was about 1.2km. A large patrol vessel happened to stroll in front of two cameras during the firework unfortunately. Please enjoy my first Hyper Stereoscopic Fireworks !! Any comment will be appreciated to improve my hyper stereo shooting or editing.


Stereoscopic Guide to "Kobe Meriken Park" 

Here is my first HDV Stereoscopic video work. The theme of the video is a introductory tour to the waterfront park of Kobe City (1.4 million population), in which I am living for long. Sorry for the narration still in Japanese.

Dual HDV cameras (Sony HC3) are mounted on a homemade handheld stabilizer. (Photo) Synchronization of dualcam by a infrared remote controller ( camera accessory ) works well for shooting start/stop and zooming. Of course it is only less than half frame accuracy basis as HC3 have not any genlock mechanism.

Originally R/L m2t (1440x1080 anamorphic (4/3) pixel) files were edited by using Premiere Pro 2.0 only and downsized to parallel side_by_side m2t file (a quarter resolution 1920x540). Then it was converted to wmv file.

It was time-consuming process and I felt a order of magnitude larger effort is required as compared to the SD case. I appreciate anyone could comment better editing flow for the full HDV stereoscopic video. I have never played my full resolution separate m2t files as Muttyan's SMP doesn't accept them. Informing of capable stereoscopic player will be appreciated, however only anaglyph format I could check as my largest LCD display is 1920x1200.

Video Phantogram 2  (Phantogram

Here are another etudes of my video phantogram. The targets are selected to be expected suitable for video phantograms.
1) Ducks in a pond
2) Looking down from 3rd floor at walking crowds at 1st and 2nd floors
3) Fly through over the skyscraper of Big Apple (Google Earth 3DCG)


I learned authoring video phantogram is time consuming at present as several softwares (Premiere, SMM, TMPEGEnc etc.) required and the final video quality is rather deteriorated because of large deformation and repeated compression/decompression in the procedure. Best case for video phantogram will be objects of about half of distance between camera and base plane of phantogram, it will be limited to special situation. Seeking suitable objects will be the key to success for good phantogram.

Video Phantogram of Alice  (Phantogram

Here is my Video Phantogram Trial clip. 45 degree look down over a horizontal flat display with anaglyph(R-Cyan) glasses results in poping-up of my favorite Persian cat pet, Alice from and moving on the floor. I use a LCD display of note book PC flattened over the desk top horizontally.
or direct url below.

In the case the lookup angle mode does not work well because of liquid crystal angle issue, I prepare a file for look-down mode viewing from top side edge (Up side down reverted).
You can look down over upper edge of horizontally positioned note PC LCD display with this for viewing.

640x480 stereoscopic video pairs was shot in 45 degree look down mode and edited by using Premiere Pro 2.0 and Muttyan's SMM.

Enjoy live image coping up from flat floor.

Stereoscopic walkthrough into "Tokyo Midtown" 

Here is another stereoscopic video I shot a week ago at "Tokyo Midtown" just opened last March in Roppongi.
http://www.tokyo- midtown.com/ en/

It was shot by using dual Z850 video mode with homemade handheld stabilizer shown below.
Enjoy a stabilized walkthrough into the brand new urban complex.

Hankyu Railways Stroll Guide Series No.1 「Mikage Station」 

Stroll Guides Around Stations for tens of stations of Hankyu Railway lines is popular locally in Kansai area, In my town, Mikage ( a part of urban area of 1.3 million Kobe City ) there is Mikage Station of its Kobe line. About ten points of interest around the area are guided for two hour walking tour. This area is developed based on water mill utilizing rapid stream of Sumiyoshi River from Mt. Rokko. Rice was ground there for Japanese sake and used at Nada brewing area nearby. In 19th century Mikage was developed as a residential area for wealthy business successes such as Takeda, Itoh, Kanoh, Murayama and many others.

Many points of interest like museums, temples, shrines are introduced in this video in stereoscopic format, which WA shot using video (640x480 SD quality) mode of dual Z850 digital camera with home built stabilizer shown below in this page. I had produced HD (2D) version of same theme, it was much easier than stereoscopic version to edit non linearly using Premiere Pro2.0, Stereo Movie Maker with VirtualDub with Deshaker, etc. Ilook forward to some automated authoring software for stereoscopic video production.

Enjoy Mikage, my town with full blooming cherry blossoms in 3D !
Sorry for Japanese narration and captions in this video.

Website of Hankyu Railway Stroll Guide, Mikage is as follows,

Stereoscopic Video made of a stabilized monoscopic video clip

By using one monocloscopic clip out of dual cam stereoscopic video shot with a mechanically stabilizing rig (shown 4th below), a pseudo-stereoscopic video was edited based on the SFM (Structure From Motion) technique. Actually only conventional non linear editing (Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0) was used, without no calculation of depth map etc.

It should be noted that even in this case of straight forward movement, simple edition of time-shift two clips of single video is found to be effective to get enough parallax for both side of vanishing point.

Time shift technique requires strict stability of images, especially for up & down and rotation displacement. Stabilization by a software (VirtualDub with DeShaker filter) was applied over mechanically stabilized images for this particular test video.

As show here along with single HDV cam stereoscopic test video ( 1st below ), single cam stabilized shooting in almost any movement mode ( Translation, Targeting around object, Panning and Straight forward walk through, no Up & Down and Rotation) is able to be edited to a pseudo-stereoscopic video without any computation.

Single Camera HDV stereoscopic Video with Stabilizer

It have been shown that a special technique can provide stereoscopic parallax even in a single video camera. It is well known that translating and object shooting movement of single video camera can realize stereoscopic video by using time difference method to generate the stereoscopic parallax. In the stereoscopic panorama photo (like QTVR Pano) area, Mosaicing technique is well known.

Here its principle is extended to the video. By shooting with handheld panning movement of stabilized single HDV(HC3) video camera, stereoscopic panning video was edited by using only ordinary editing software (Adobe Premier Pro 2.0).

Image stabilization of the handheld video camera by isolating from the shooter using mechanical stabilizer is important for this technique because up&down, tilt and roll can cause severe ghost especially in this time-difference stereoscopic method. The quality of the stereoscopic video of this method is not excellent at present, however, I think the improvement of mechanical and also software stabilization of video image (e.g. virtualDub+Deshaker) will be expected to contribute a significant improvement of the stereo video quality near future.

Unfortunately only static scene could be shot in this method by principle. I am planning to purchase one more HC3 for more robust HDV stereoscopic video production as my hobby.

Botanical Garden of Miracle Planet, Awaji JAPAN

HDV and Stereo Video clips taken by home made stabilized rigs
are shown for walk through in the large conservatory of "Miracle Planet Botanical Garden, Awajishima, Hyogo Pref. Japan.

2006 Kobe City Luminarie

HDV and Stereo Video clips taken by home made stabilized rigs
are shown for walk through in the large conservatory of "Miracle Planet Botanical Garden, Awajishima, Hyogo Pref. Japan.

Walk Through in Conservatory of Kobe Herbal Garden

HDV and Stereo Video clips taken by home made stabilized rigs
are shown for walk through in the large conservatory of "Miracle Planet Botanical Garden, Awajishima, Hyogo Pref. Japan.

Stereo video camera system consists of dual digital cameras of CASIO Z850 ( 8M pixel photo and MPEG4 AVI video capability ( over 60min with 2GB SD cards), stabilized using home made rig with ball joint typegjimbal system. Total weight of the system isonly about one pound. No fatigue at all ! Controllability of panning is excellent and 5min walk through clip was easy to shoot.Please eEnjoy a stereo walk through in the conservatory, which is really stereo photogenic.

Autumn Leaves at Arima Zuihoji Temple(06/12/11)

Here is a HD video clip of Autumn Leaves at Zuihoji, Arima (famous hot spring resort in Japan)
Hideyoshi, ancient Japanese ruler in the Momoyama era loved this garden very much. As he was never bored to appreciate the autumn leaves from dawn to dusk, it is called Higurasi no niwa, that means "all day long garden". Enjoy typical Japanese autumn leaves, maple trees with leaves turning red by a stabilized HD video.

Yosemite National Park Stereoscopic Video (06/12/9)

Here is a stereoscopic HD video clip of Yosemite National Park, California USA. Yosemite Valley locates 200miles east of San Francisco. There are huge rocks e.g. El Capitan (3000ft high litho), Half Dome graved by the ancient glacier and beautiful forest along with Merced River. You will be warping there from San Francisco within several minutes by Google trip machine in a stereoscopic mode. Enjoy the trip,

Parallel method stereoscopic movie made with Google Earth. View by using naked eye method or stereo viewer. By using Stereo Movie Player, you are able to enjoy stereoscopic video clips by many kind of stereo viewing, including parallel, Cross mrthods, Anagryph, Sharp 3D LCD Display and LCD shutter method.

Kauai Lawai Valley Stereoscopic Video (06/12/5)

Here is a stereoscopic HD video clip of Lawai Valley, Kauai Island. There is two out of 5 gardens of National Tropical Botanical Gardens in the valley, Allerton and McBryde. Queen Emam of King Kamahamaha IV loved the valley and build a summer house up on the top of the cliff of the valley. In December and January, a lot of purple bougainvillea blooms there. I think it is one of the typical Hawaiian paradise habitat.

Parallel method stereoscopic movie made with Google Earth. View by using naked eye method or stereo viewer. By using Stereo Movie Player, you are able to enjoy stereoscopic video clips by many kind of stereo viewing, including parallel, Cross methods, Anagryph, Sharp 3D LCD Display and LCD shutter method.

Island Breeze Remake(2006/12/4)

Video taken with stabilizer in Oct. 2006 in Kauai, Hawaii.
Google Earth Movie is added. Taken by shooting a display screen where only Google Earth is running and displayed. Direct saving by using Window Media Encoder resulted not smooth footage due to the luck of CPU power.
Original file:m2t format 2,150MB, 10:50 1440x1080

Stereoscopic stabilized Video Trial in HD format

Video taken with stabilizer in Oct. 2006 in Kauai, Hawaii
Selected clips of traversing scene are utilized for time difference type stereoscopic video (parallel type) This is just a first trial of HD stereoscopic video for me. Stereoscopic video goes high difinition now.
Original file:m2t format 592MB, 0:38 3840x1080

Island Breeze in Kauai Island

Video taken with stabilizer in Oct. 2006 in Kauai, Hawaii
Original file:m2t format 1,601MB, 8:05

  • 0.5Mbps, 30MB, 320x 180
    1.2Mbps, 70MB, 640x 360
    4.2Mbps, 244MB, 1280x720
    5.2Mbps, 315MB, 1920x1080, Used VBR encoding to save the bit rate. Try to play full HD resolution streaming video if you have high enough connection, CPU and Graphics card power.
    8.2Mbps, 476MB, 1920x1080, full HD of adequate encoding data rate, only for high network bandwidth (deleted due to the disk capacity limit of the site.

Summer Afternoon at Kobe Herbal Garden

Video taken with stabilizerin Sept. 2006 in Kobe Herbal Garden, Japan
First outdoor shooting with a prototype just 2 week after my stabilizer project started.
A little bit shaky because of inappropriate vertical balance adjustment.
Taking advantage of that shake, edited for slow motion (67% of frame rate) to enhance the floating sense. Captions in Japanese.
Original file:m2t format 1,562MB,7:43)

2006 Summer Aegean Cruise by Costa Victoria

1 minute preview with captions in Japanese.
Original file:m2t format 185MB, 1:00





Video Production/Streaming Environment
HDV camera
HC3 with stabilizer, etc.
Capture/Editing S/W
DVgate Plus2.2/Premiere Pro2.0, virtualDub+Deshaker, Stereo Movie Maker
Encoding S/W
TMPGEnc 4.0 Xpress
PC VAIO Type-R PentiumD 3GHz, 1GB, NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT
HTTP Streaming
using internet storage provider (5GB), therefore the streaming bandwidth not guaranteed.

Video camera stabilizer

Camera:Sony HC3
Total weight: 760g

details coming soon.

Please visit HBSForum Website where my rig is introduced in the handheld category.


HDV Stereo Cameras with hand-held stabilizer
New on 4/5/2007

Video Camera : Sony HC3 x 2
Stereo base : 12.5mm for the photo case
Weight with stabilizer : 1540g
Shutter/Zoom Control : IR remote controller ( working well synchronously)
Details will be posted soon.

Anaglyph Format(R:Cyan, L:Red)


Dual Digital Camera Stabilizer for Stereoscopic Video

Camera:CASIO Z850 x 2
Video Mode:640x480、avi(MPEG4)movie, Over 60min with 2GB SD card
Photo : 3264x2448/eye
Total weight: 540g


HDV Camera Stabilizer

Camera:Sony HC1
Total weight: 1070g

Anaglyph Format(R:Cyan, L:Red)


DV Video Camera Stabilizer

Camera:Sony DCR-P300
Total weight: 950g

Anaglyph Format(R:Cyan, L:Red)


Telemacro Stereoscopic HD Video Rig-1

Video Camera:Sony HC3 x 2
HC3 have Telemacro function that allows to focus as near as 37cm at its 10x optical zoom tele-end. The view angle at telemacro mode is quite small and a surface mirror for R-CAM(left camera in photo) can be close to 15mm outside of the optical axis of L-CAM(right camera in photo) without interference That arrangement realizes 30mm stereoscopic base. For objects nearer to 37cm will require half-mirror type rig, which is under prototyping.

Test Video Clip:Desktop Objects and Roses(Distance from camera:70-120cm), downsized to a quarter pixels from dual m2t format.
Telemacro Video Test
(1920x540 Parallel side-by-side wmv file, 11.8MB, 2Mbps )

Comments after edition
-Panning at tele-end requires high performance tripod
-Telemacro function will be reset when zooming.
-Insects required

Anaglyph Format(R:Cyan, L:Red)


Telemacro Stereoscopic HD Video Rig-2

Video Camera:Sony HC3 x 2 (Telemacro mode) half-mirror type rig.

Inconel evaporated half mirror, 100mm wide is used for L-cam:transmission and R-cam:reflection. Transmission/Reflection is 30%/30% at specification. Inconel type were selected because of flat wavelength characteristics. The stereo base is adjustable from 10mm to 30mm.

Test Video Clip:Desktop Objects and Roses(Distance from camera:40-50cm), downsized to a quarter pixels from dual m2t format.
Telemacro Video Test2
(1920x540 Parallel side-by-side wmv file, 22.6MB, 2Mbps )

Telemacro Video Test4 (Stereo base dependence Test)
(1920x540 Parallel side-by-side wmv file, 22.6MB, 2Mbps )

It was found that SB=30mm is best (near to the humann vison), which is more than twice larger than 1/30 rule.

Comments after edition
-R CAM(Reflection side) is slightly brighter for this particular half mirror.
-Slightly less stereo depth (SB=15mm may be better)
-Shaky because of high magnification in windy condition
-Insects required

Anaglyph Format(R:Cyan, L:Red)


Macro Stereoscopic HD Video Rig-3

Video Camera:Sony HC3 x 2 (with close-up lens, not using Telemacro mode) half-mirror type rig.on Acryl resin base plate (5mmt)

HC3 with close-up lens (+3 diopsy) can be used close up shooting to about 300mm distance from the object. This setting allows zooming out from macro position to x10 optically, which causes to cancel the telemacro mode in case of telemacro mode used in th previous settling.
The stereo base was fixed to 20mm throughout this test. Consequent maximum magnification was 1.2cm/1080 pixel for this particular configuration.

Test Video Clip 1:
Telemacro Video Test3
Gardenia flower was test shot at distance of 30cm. Small bugs (calculated length is about 0.7mm) can be seen at the flower center. downsized to a quater pixels from dual m2t format. It is a little bit difficult to get focused because of small depth of field and focus range. however it will be useful to expand the dynamic range of macro video shooting.

Test Video Clip 2:
Telemacro Video Test5
Variety of hydrangea at Kobe Municipal Arboretum, famous on 250 variety of world hydrangea.

Test Video Clip 3:
Telemacro Video Test6

Using two No3. Close-up lens(Hakuba CF-CU330SD, +6 Diopter) for each HC3 HDV video camera, close-up stereoscopic video of a ant (8mm long) and a watch is presented. Object distance is about 150mm with 15mm stereobase. It may be the limit of this macro configuration using half mirror due to the color aberration and the close object distance. I would like to shoot the ant like old SF movie, where giant ant roars liihn-liihn from looking up angle, but failed as it does not stay there. I don't remember the title of the movie. Telling me the title will be appreciated.

Anaglyph Format(R:Cyan, L:Red)


HD Macro Stereo Camera4(2007/7/31)

Video Camera:Sony HC3 x 2 with 4 mirror type beam splitter type rig.on Acryl resin base plate (5mmt)

In the half mirror type rig, dual video camera are configured to 90 deg arrangement, which is not appropriate for the combination together with hyper rig. 4 mirror type beam splitter is evaluated.

The stereo base is continuously variable from 30mm to 80mm. Only Tele side of zoom can be used because of the view angle limitation. This could be attached to my hyper rig whose photo shown left below .

Anaglyph Format(R:Cyan, L:Red)

Telemacro Video Test7

Small flower is test shot at distances of 30cm(with +3 diopter close up lens) and 2m with continuously changing stereo bases from 30mm to 80mm. As a result, there are depth change but no significance was observed. The reason may be coming from the thin subject with no background. The moving of flower is not due to panning but caused by adjusting the convergence shift during the base change, in the post editing process.


Synchronaization Test using LANC Shepherd

Video Camera:Sony HC3 x 2

Dual HC3 system is tested of synchronization performance by using LANC Shepherd, which Mr.Noguchi kindly lend me .

In conclusion, less than 1mS sync is realized for 6 min. long stereoscopic video shooting with a specific procedure of switch on. This limitation comes from sync drift, might be affected by various conditions.

Without LANC Shepherd, sync spreads 0-16 mS, average of 7.1 mS was found as expected for this particular camera. L
ANC Shepherd can improve one or two order of magnitudes better sync for dual HC3 system. photo modes of this video camera are 2304x1728 (4:3) and 2304x1296 (16:9) for 1/3 type CMOS Imaging Sensor.

■Sync Photo (4Mpixel) Test

Water fountain1 at Port Island, KobeWater fountain2 (2304x1728, Anaglyph, jpg file, 0.4MB)

Sync Video Test
(1920x540 Parallel side-by-side wmv file, 13MB, 2.2Mbps,0:46 )


Dual HD display System

Stereoscopic HD Video Playback System of Mirror Type.

I have never been able to see my 3D video works in full FD resolution which I edited because of the lack of adequate play back environment. Finally I could with a home made system with mirror and dual WUXGA displays!! The principle is same as introduced by John Hart (Colorado) at http://www.crystalcanyons.net/Pages/TechNotes/DualMonitorDigitalViewing.shtm

Two 24" displays (1920x1200) and a sputtered surface mirror are set together with angle of 0, 120 and 60 degree, respectively. Dual HD video streams, horizontally flipped R-HD video(/image) in the right display (reflected side) and non flipped L-HD video(/image) in the left display are play back with Stereoscopic Player for HD video (and SPM for HD photo as well), respectively. Windows PC with Core2Quad CPU, 4GB memory and Nvidia 8600GT graphics card can play back smoothly of dual m2t files.

As there is no loss of brightness in the polarized passive systems, no horizontal resolution loss in X-Pol or interlaced systems and no cross talk in this digital mirror viewer system. Therefore bright, high resolution, immersive (FOV=60 degree), ghost free and natural color 3D playback is realized.

Anaglyph Format(R:Cyan, L:Red)

Panasonic Lumix GH1 base Stereoscopic Rig

(2009/7/31 added)

Twin GH1 with Kit Lens(14-140mm/F4-5.6) Stereobase =135mm, Twin GH1 with Canon FD lenses

Twin GH1 with Kit Lens(14-140mm/F4-5.6) Stereobase = 85mm

Twin GH1 sync test.
Specially designed remote shutter is used to sync. From video analyses of velocity difference between upstream and downstream ( more than 20 m/S) The sync is found to be around sub mS.



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